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    Устранение протечки труб 1500 р.

    Need to call a plumber in St. Petersburg?

    Now in the market you can find many offers for plumbing services. Avito and other sites are full of ads for such services. But how can a simple layman who urgently needs to fix a faucet, sink, toilet or install a washing machine understand the variety of offers?

    First of all, you should pay attention to the reviews, as well as the price of services. If you see that a specialist does not have a single review, you should be wary.

    For many years of our work, we have always put the interests of the client in the first place, so we have collected a base of positive reviews about the work of our company. We have never pursued profit, but for many years we have been gaining experience and communication with customers, collecting both positive and negative feedback.

    Now we can proudly say that we are one of the leading companies in the plumbing market. Our work experience is more than 10 years. We strive to create a new level of service in the field of plumbing services in St. Petersburg.

    How did we create our company?

    First, we carefully studied other companies involved in the maintenance and repair of plumbing and identified shortcomings in their work. Based on the analysis, we have created a company that surpasses competitors in all aspects. We decided to be faster, cheaper and smarter. We also prioritized the unchanging principle – to work openly and honestly with each client. With us it is profitable, safe and convenient. That’s why our team is here, working for you!

    The main task of a plumber is to install, operate and repair sewerage, heating, ventilation, water, heat and gas supply systems. And we cope with this task by 100%!

    Our main activities are related to the installation of plumbing systems and equipment, as well as microclimate systems, with troubleshooting in accordance with the project for the production of works, working drawings and the requirements of regulatory documents.

    All our specialists undergo training several times a year, and also improve their qualifications, since the duties of a professional plumber include many types of activities – ensuring good condition, reliable and trouble-free operation of serviced central heating, water supply, sewerage and drain systems, their proper operation, implementation high-quality scheduled and emergency repairs and replacement of plumbing equipment, participation in the elimination of malfunctions in the operation of plumbing systems, their repair and installation, the implementation of comprehensive tests of sanitary systems, their revision and testing after repair.

    A professional plumber must be able to perform any of these types of work in order to cope with an emergency in any situation.

    A plumber also ensures the functioning of heating, water supply and sewerage systems in cities and towns, works in construction as an installer of sanitary systems and equipment, as well as an employee of emergency services and in housing and communal services. Ensures the operation of urban heat and water-sewer networks. The work of a plumber is associated with many risks, great responsibility, requires good training and qualifications, knowledge of his business. And our specialists are just the same ready to help you in any situation, as they have a wide range of knowledge in their field.

    We are ready to solve both simple tasks and the most complex tasks. We are ready to perform work of any complexity. We also give a guarantee for the work performed.

    Remember, a sewer failure can lead to serious expenses, don’t wait until the last minute!

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